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Amanda Evans is an awarded film writer, and director currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.

With a background as an international commercial director known for her dark and atmospheric style, her work has been awarded and featured in numerous prestigious creative showcases and festivals. 


“The Twentytwenties represented a somewhat defining pivot point in all aspects of my life, some magic, some far from pretty. It was a resonant implosion and deep reflection on what stories and imagery I would support, create and usher into this reality.

Making films either short, commercial, multiplex or art house are all treasured opportunities, they do however require integrity and a mindful grasp on what effect they may have on your audience and their potential ripples into the collective.

It became reverent to me that I empower my audience even if I tend to step off the path into the dark. Life is too precious and short to not know your own power and command it. 


My latest projects are all in in the process of finding form and emerging. I greatly look forward to sharing them with you. Growing an audience, building a community rooted in the alchemy of our stories. The future is a playground of vast creative possibility.”

Please contact for the 2023 Development Slate of original content.  

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